One way of relaxing herself is baking
First thing to do when coming home is lighting candles
Some years ago she was one of the final candidates for representing Greece at the Eurovision Dance Contest
She started practicing gymnastics at the age of four
she loves swimming in winter
she has three dogs
she does not have any brothers or sisters
she is a keen supporter of PAOK- Thessaloniki sports club
a few years ago, she spent a month in Cuba, to practice agricultural work
shopping is an extreme bore to her
she practices deep breathing- relaxation for approximately ten minutes per day
she is in love with Peter Pan.. for ever
She is a Leo. Her ascendant is also Leo
her favourite soundrack is “All That Jazz”
She is embarrassed to play the piano in front of an audience
she tries to spend a few days every summer at her favorite destination: Halkidiki, Greece
She is allergic to cats yet cannot resist to their beauty