There are actors who never imagined they would become artists. Mary Akrivopoulou was not one of them. In fact, while she was growing up she couldn't imagine anything else.

Even before she was ten she created plays, played the piano, composed and recorded songs and had ballet lessons. In short she was into art, even when no one was looking, for her own personal enjoyment.

The following years she continued exercising, improving her movement ability (and performing in amateur ballet shows) her voice (singing in school concerts and recording music) and her stage acting (in school plays and musicals). However, general knowledge and standard education are vital, especially to artists. Mary's studies and her degree in Law offered a composed sense of everyday life, still, after her studies at the Aristoteleion University of Thessalonici she focused in art again.

Guided by important teachers at the Drama School of the State Theatre of Nothern Greece, Mary transformed herself numerous times for the School's plays. After she obtained her degree (with the highest grade of her year) she left Thessaloniki and moved to Athens, where, together with Liana Gianakou, she founded the theatre group 2-0-5.

After a creative period of experimentation the group presented the performance Kerenia Koukla (based on a novel by K. Christomanos) in the Biennale of Young Artists in 2003. The same year Mary made her first TV appearance and collaborated with scriptwriter M. Papaoikonomou and director L. Zaroutiadis in the series Oneiro Itan (It Was a Dream). In 2004 she played Jenny in Kivotos Theatre's production of Neil La Butte's The Shape of Things, which was directed by Alexis Georgoulis. In autumn of 2004 Mary performed the role of Joanna (an eccentric but wise photographer) in TV series Sxedon Pote (Almost Never), scripted by K. Bei and directed by Nikos Perakis.

In the spring of 2005 she returned to Thessaloniki as the protagonist of a production of the B. Brecht's play Seven Deadly Sins in which she had the chance to express herself not only through acting but also through song, dance and movement. In the summer of 2005 she began the shooting of Kryfa Monopatia (Hidden Pathways). Director M. Manousakis chose her for the leading role of Irini, a young teaher who is romantically linked to one of her pupils.

In the last few years Mary's childhood dreams came true after all. And, even though she now performs for considerably larger audiences, she feels as moved and satisfied as back then, when few relatives and friends were assembling to enjoy little Maria's latest act.


Biography by Aris Dimokidis